James Shalls

P.E. Teacher and Athletic Director

Jamie Shalls headshot



My name is James Shalls (Mr. Shalls)
I am the Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Director at Bryant-Webster
I speak English and limited Spanish
My pronouns are He/Him/His

Hello Students and Parents! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is James Shalls, and I am the Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director at Bryant-Webster. A little bit about myself. I come from a dedicated family of educators, and have been a teacher for more than 20 years. The last 17 years of my career in education have been spent as the Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director at Bryant-Webster. I have a serious passion and devotion for health and fitness, and it has been my life goal to pass that passion along to my students. I live in Boulder, CO, with my wonderful wife Sara, and we love spending our time in the great outdoors of beautiful Colorado. The goal of my Physical Education class at Bryant-Webster is to teach students to develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime. Focused fitness activities, health, and nutrition lessons will be implemented into my Physical Education classes, as well as integrating Core subject areas such as math and spelling. And above all, trying my very best to make my class an inspiring space that encourages each and every student to become lifelong learners and advocates for health and fitness.